Western Union international cash transfer system

Cash transfers via Western Union international cash transfer system are carried out for account of individuals in favour of individuals without opening of a settlement (current) account and in cash at the Bank’s cash-desks. It is an easy, safe, reliable and convenient way of sending and receiving money at the Bank.

Main information about Western Union transfers:
Maximum amount (according to fees of Western Union transfer system)
Countries to and from which transfers are performed
Payment for sending/payout/cancellation of transfer
Ancillary services
The sender may use the ancillary service of Western Union cash transfer system and accompany the transfer to the countries of CIS with a message for the recipient.
The sender may introduce non-financial changes (family name, first name and patronymic/middle name of the recipient) into the transfer which was sent earlier.
Additional information

Western Union transfers shall not be related to entrepreneurial and investment activities of individuals.

The currency of the received transfer in a number of countries may differ from the currency of the sent transfer pursuant to the legislation of the country of destination. The process of conversion is carried out in accordance with the exchange rate set by Western Union and the currency to be received is coordinated with the sender.

The transfer is valid and available for payout in the country of receipt within 90 days from the day of sending. When this 90-day period has expired, the transfer may be available in the form of return of cash funds to the sender without reimbursement of transfer send-off fee.

In a number of countries of destination there are certain limits on the amount of the transfer payout in accordance with the local legislation.

Western Union transfers may be received only in the country which is initially stated by the transfer sender.

According to Western Union company’s requests the Bank doesn’t realize send/receive transfers to/for minors or under power of attorney. You can find the full list of agents of Western Union system here.

The number of Western Union’s call-centre – 8 107 495 7972186.

Transfer cancellation option:
If for some reason you have decided to cancel the transfer, you need to contact the Bank’s office, where the transfer was performed, and present the documents confirming the transfer send-off together with your ID document. You can recall only those transfers which have not been claimed by the recipient.. Transfer cancellation presupposes payment of transfer cancellation fee; at the same time, the send-off fee is not reimbursed to the sender.