Receipt of international bank transfers

Using international bank transfers, individuals can receive foreign currency from any country of the world to the account opened with BPS-Sberbank or without account opening.

In order to receive an international bank transfer, the receiving individual (herein after referred to as recipient) shall provide the sender performing the transfer from a foreign bank with the following details:

Receiving Bank/ Beneficiary Bank
BPS-Sberbank, Minsk, Belarus
SWIFT/ SWIFT-code of the bank
Recipient /Beneficiary
Family name, name, patronymic/middle name (if any)
Recipient’s account number (when funds are credited to the recipient’s account)
or recipient’s identity document details (with cash funds being credited without account opening)
Recipient’s personal account
Series and number of the recipient’s identity document, date and place of issue
Settlement Account/ Beneficiary Account
Account number (13 symbols), code 369
Name of bank’s office
Name of Regional Directorate, Banking Service Center of BPS-Sberbank, here you can find the name of town/city where the recipient’s account was opened or where the payout will be effected without bank account opening
Name of correspondent bank of BPS-Sberbank (optional)
Name of correspondent bank of BPS-Sberbank
* In connection with high probability of errors it is recommended not to use details of the recipient and recipient’s bank written from somebody’s words..
Transfer details: beneficiary’s account number, settlement account need to be verified in BPS-Sberbank’s office in which it is convenient to receive transfer funds..

We offer you to use this traditional type of banking services at the following rates.

Crediting of monetary funds to the account: funds received from paying legal entities, individual entrepreneurs — when there is no agreement between the bank and the payer (including crediting of salaries, payments equated with salary, pensions, other remittances to recipients as a result of labour, civil and legal relations):

up to USD 40 inclusive
10% of amount (deducted from recipient)
over USD 40
2% of credited amount, minimum amount — USD 4, maximum amount — USD 400 (deducted from recipient)

Crediting of funds received from another individual from the bank account or from another bank:

up to USD 40 inclusive
10% of amount, (deducted from recipient)
over USD 40 А
1% of credited amount, minimum amount — USD 4 (deducted from recipient), maximum amount — USD 400

Crediting of funds received from accounts opened with banks of Sberbank Group:

up to USD 40 inclusive
10% of amount (deducted from recipient)
over USD 40
0,8 %, minimum amount — USD 4, maximum amount — USD 400 (deducted from recipient)

Transfer cash disbursement (without account opening):

up to USD 40 inclusive
10% of amount, (deducted from recipient), (с получателя средств)
over USD 40 up to USD 200 000 inclusive
1% of amount, minimum amount — USD 4, maximum amount — USD (deducted from recipient)
over USD 200 000
5% of amount (deducted from recipient)