Colibri International Express Cash Transfers

Cash transfers via Colibri cash transfer system are carried out between the branches of the Bank and branches of Sberbank in the Russian Federation for account of individuals in favour of individuals without opening of a settlement (current) account and in cash at the Bank’s cash-desks. It is an easy, safe, reliable and convenient way of sending and receiving money at the Bank.

Main information about Colibri transfers
Transfer processing time
Payment is available to the recipient a couple of minutes after the transfer has been sent
Maximum amount
In accord with the requirements of Colibri transfer system, the total amount of transfers received on behalf of one individual during one operational day shall not exceed the amount equivalent to USD 10 000
Countries to and from which transfers are performed
To/From the Russian Federation
Payment for sending/payout/cancellation of transfer
(according to fees of Colibri cash transfer system)
Ancillary services
When sending a transfer, the sender may optionally include a control question and answer. In this case the recipient’s knowledge of the answer to the control question is the compulsory condition for transfer payout.
The sender may introduce non-financial changes (family name, first name and patronymic/middle name of the recipient) into the transfer which has been sent off earlier.
Additional information

Transfers sent from the Republic of Belarus may be received at any Sberbank office that performs Colibri international transfers.

Transfers shall not be related to customers’ entrepreneurial and investment activities.

Acceptance, payout, and cancellation of transfer are performed only in cash and in currency of the transfer.

Information about the list of service points of Colibri transfers in the city of destination in Russia will be provided by the Bank’s employee.

Transfer cancellation option:
If for some reason you have decided to cancel the transfer, you need to contact the Bank’s office, where the transfer was performed, and present the documents confirming the transfer send-off together with your ID document. You can recall only those transfers which have not been claimed by the recipient.. Transfer cancellation presupposes payment of transfer cancellation fee; at the same time, the send-off fee is not reimbursed to the sender.