«Classic» international bank transfer in foreign currency

«Classic» international bank transfer in foreign currency is a traditional bank transfer, which allows you to send cash funds to any country of the world, where banks operate.

Advantages of «Classic» international bank transfer:

  • you can send foreign currency to an individual, as well as effect payments for goods, works, services in favour of a legal entity in accordance with the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
  • at the request of an individual the bank transfer can be finalized from a current account or without account opening;
  • attractive fees — transfer fee is collected at the rate of 0,3 % of the transfer amount. Minimal transfer fee for international bank transfer starts at 15 USD depending on the region of receipt and the details of transfer charges;
  • for payments in USD you can make use of the «secured transfer» service. This service can be used by the sender, if the amount of the transferred cash funds needs to be received by the bank without deduction of transfer fee by other banks. Transfer fee for this service makes 0,4 % of the transfer amount, minimal amount being 40 USD.

How to make a transfer which is to be received outside the Republic of Belarus:

  • name of non-resident bank, its address, SWIFT code (for transfers in freely convertible currency), BIC-code (for transfers in RUB);
  • name of beneficiary, beneficiary’s account number or IBAN, address, identity document details (if necessary);
  • payment purpose;

Additional requirements for transfers in Russian rubles in favour of a legal entity:

  • currency transaction number (VO.....).

All the details are indicated in the payment order in the English language or the language of the beneficiary’s country with the use of Latin script and translation of the stated details into the Russian (Belarusian) language.

When making an international bank transfer in favour of a legal entity the sender shall also present documents, stipulated by the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

We offer you to use this traditional type of banking service with attractive rates.

Transfer of cash funds to recipients’ accounts opened in resident and non-resident banks and executed through the network of correspondent accounts of non-resident banks:

In currency with restricted convertibility:
0,3% of transfer amount, minimum amount — USD 15, maximum amount — USD 200
In freely convertible currency
with charges being for the recipient’s account, payment is collected by reducing the payment amount
0,3% of transfer amount, minimum amount — USD 25, maximum amount — USD 200
the sending-bank’s charges being for the payer’s account, and other banks’ charges being for the recipient’s account
0,3% of transfer amount, minimum amount — USD 25, maximum amount — USD 200
charges being for the sender’s account
0,3% of transfer amount, minimum amount — USD 32, maximum amount — USD 20
with secured receipt of the total amount of transfer by the beneficiary (for payments in USD only)
0,4% of transfer amount, minimum amount — USD 40, maximum amount — USD 300,
«Classic» international bank transfer in foreign currency — safe and cheap!