Payment for services

Acceptance of payments

BPS-Sberbank offers a convenient and safe method for execution of payments for services with the help of payment cards with the use of remote service channels.

Main features

Types of payments of individuals accepted by the Bank:

  • household running costs (rent, payments for electricity, water use, gas, etc.);
  • payments for shared participation in construction of accommodation;
  • payments for goods;
  • payments for educational services;
  • payments for communication services;
  • payments for medical services;
  • donations;
  • payments into the budget and off-budget funds;
  • other services and payments.

Household running payments in cash at the Bank’s cash-desks may be performed from the 20th till the 25th of each month .


«Raschet» system is an integrated settlement and information platform which provides payers with the following services:

2B/online/ more than 7000 service providers (the number is constantly increasing). Payment for services may be carried out in cash and with the use of banking plastic cards via different payment acceptance channels (cash-desks, ATMs, self-service terminals, «Personal bank» internet-banking system and «Mobile bank» system). You can take a look at the full list of services which can be paid for via «Raschet» system here.

«Raschet» system provides the following features for entities which are payment recipients:

  • receipt of information about accepted payments in the form of electronic registers;
  • prompt reflection of information about the received payments in electronic form;
  • reduction of terms and costs connected with processing of information about payments of individuals;
  • availability of up-to-date and reliable information about received payments.

Transfer of monetary funds from an account, without account opening, received with the use of an interbank transfer:

In favour of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with whom the Bank has not established contractual relationship for acceptance of payments from individuals::
for construction, reconstruction, purchase of individual residential houses (parts, shares) and apartments (parts, shares), including for purchase of housing bonds (if there is a contract (agreement) providing for obligations of the issuer for construction of residential premises for owners of housing bonds); for purchase of land, planning and development of housing infrastructure
0,2% of amount, minimum amount — BYR 15 000
For other purposes:
within the Bank
1% of amount, minimum amount — BYR 15 000, maximum amount — BYR 400 000
into another bank of the Republic of Belarus
2% amount, minimum amount — BYR 15 000, maximum amount — BYR 600 000
outside the Republic of Belarus
2% of amount, minimum amount — BYR 70 000, maximum amount — BYR 600 000
In favour of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with whom the Bank has established contractual relationship with regard to acceptance of payments from individuals
2% of amount or under agreement
For repayment of loan provided by another bank, as well as loan interest
1% of amount, minimum amount — BYR 15 000, maximum amount — BYR 400 000
Acceptance of cash funds for payments in favour of service provider
BYR 15 000 per each payment
* Under par. remuneration (fee) is deducted for operations of acceptance of cash funds from individuals under direct agreements concluded between the Bank and service providers, single payments, payment of taxes, levies (duties) and other obligatory payments into the republican and local budgets, state trust budget funds and Social Security Fund of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Belarus, as well as insurance payments in favour of insurance companies.