Rental of safes

BPS-Sberbank offers individual bank safes for storage of valuables and documents.

Storage safes are installed in a specially equipped room — Depositary, and have cell-safes of different sizes, which allows customers to use cells in accord with the size of the valuables which need to be stored.

The main stages of the process of Depositary services provision:

  1. The customer turns to the Bank with an application for provision of an individual banking safe for personal use.
  2. The customer pays in advance for the whole period of safe usage, and pays the deposit amount into the bank’s cash desk, or makes a cashless transfer to the corresponding bank account (payment period — 3 banking days).
  3. The Bank and the customer conclude an Agreement on the provision of a bank safe for customer use.
  4. The Bank provides the customer with a safe which is in good working condition and gives the customer free access to the safe in accord with the Depositary’s working hours.
  5. The Bank gives the customer an opportunity to work in a confidential mode with the stored object for no more than 10 minutes.
  6. The customer regularly signs the register of Depositary visits.
  7. When the Agreement on the provision of a bank safe for customer use expires, the customer hands in the safe key to the Bank and returns the safe to the Depositary worker. In case the Bank has no complaints to the customer, the Bank returns the deposit amount to the customer.
The advantages of using BPS-Sberbank’s Depositary services:
  • ability to provide services to persons on the basis of a power of attorney;
  • acceptable fees for the provision of bank safes for customer use;
  • free-of-charge visits to the Depositary, irrespective of the number of visits per day.

You can get your bank safe in the following offices of BPS-Sberbank:

Regional Directorate
Banking Service Center
Address Telephone Working hours
Regional Directorate No.100 РћРђРћ of BPS-Sberbank Brest, 10 Mitskevich Street (0162) 27-02-15 9.00-13.00,
Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.502 of BPS-Sberbank Borisov, 5a Ordzhonikidze Street (0177) 73-11-40 9.00-13.00, 13.50-17.00
on Fri. till 16.10,
Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.207 of BPS-Sberbank Vitebsk, 27 Chernyakhovsky Avenue (0212) 29-69-08 9.00-17.00, lunch-break from 13.00 till 14.00 Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.402 of BPS-Sberbank Volkovysk, 2 Gorbatov Street (01512) 2-68-99 9-13.15, 14-16 Sat., Sun. — days-off
Regional Directorate No.300 РћРђРћ of BPS-Sberbank Gomel, 29a Krestyanskaya Street (0232) 96-80-79 9-14, 15-17 Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.310 of BPS-Sberbank Gomel, 6a Y.Kolas Street (0232) 96-83-52 Mon.-Thurs. 09.00–13.00; 14.00–17.00
Fri. 09.00–13.00; 14.00–15.30
Sat., Sun. — days-off
On holiday eve — working day is shorter for 1 hour
Regional Directorate No.400 РћРђРћ of BPS-Sberbank Grodno, 2/2 1st of May Street (0152) 790370 Mon.-Thurs. 9.00-13.00; 13.45-17.00
Fri. 9.00-13.00; 13.45-15.45
Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.206 of BPS-Sberbank Lepel, 130a Voikov Street (02132) 4-25-95 8.30-17.00
Lunch-break from 13.00 till 14.00
Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.777 of BPS-Sberbank Minsk, 6 Mulyavin Boulevard (017) 289-47-71 9-12.45, 13.30-17.20
Fri. till 16.00, Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.701 of BPS-Sberbank Minsk, 18-1 Chkalov Street (017) 359-78-13 Mon.-Fri. 9.00-13.30, 14.30-18.00, Sat., Sun. — days-off
On the last working day of the month 09.00-13.30, 14.30-17.00
Banking Service Center No.701/4 of BPS-Sberbank Minsk, 28-3 Serov Street (017) 365-73-63 9-13, 14-18, Sat., Sun. — days-off
On the last working day of the month 09.00-13.00, 14.00-17.00
Banking Service Center No.324 of BPS-Sberbank Mozyr, 2 Leninskaya Street (02351) 2-35-30 8.30-17.00 Sat., Sun. — days-off
Regional Directorate No.600 РћРђРћ of BPS-Sberbank Mogilev, 56 Pervomaiskaya Street (0222) 29-65-76 8.30-13.00; 14.00-16.30
Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.504 of BPS-Sberbank Molodechno, 6 Partizanskaya Street (0176) 77-10-95 8.15-13.00, 14.00-17.30
Fri. till 16.15, Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.202 of BPS-Sberbank Novopolotsk, 11 Olimpiyskaya Street (0214) 52-79-64 10.00-14.00, 15.00-18.45, Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.333 of BPS-Sberbank Svetlogorsk, 49a Lenin Street (02342) 23-8-97, 48-2-29 9.30-13.00, 14.00-16.00, Sat., Sun. — days-off
Banking Service Center No.503 of BPS-Sberbank Soligorsk, 18 Lenin Street (0174) 25-04-26 9-13.00, 14.00-17.00, Fri. till 16,
Sat., Sun. — days-off