The «Guardian» Service

Since the 13th of July 2015 BPS-Sberbank and the Swedish company MySafety Ltd. offer a security service the «Guardian», which was specifically created for protection of things which are valuable for you and for your friends and relatives.

The «Guardian» is a service for returning of lost personal belongings — documents, keys, mobile phones and digital gadgets. In everyday life, on a business or on a tourist trip. No matter in which part of the world you are, within 12 months your belongings will be returned to you!

Special labels are attached to the protected objects — security stickers on documents or digital gadgets, and security rings on keys. Things marked with a sticker and a security ring have unique serial numbers, assigned to the owner. Besides, such labels contain information about the payment of remuneration for the return of things and a phone number of a round-the-clock and free-of-charge customer support line. In case of a loss and subsequent discovery of personal belongings of the customer, «My Safety» company will take your things from the person who has found them and will deliver them to you for free, paying remuneration to the person who has found the things for returning them.

  • «Key protection» service — a special security ring, which helps to find and return the lost car keys or house keys to the owner;
  • «Document protection» service or «Telephone protection» service or «Digital gadget protection» service — a special security sticker for one document or one digital gadget;
  • information sticker with the number of the hotline of «MySafety» company.
  1. This service operates all around the world! No matter where your personal thing has been lost, it will always be returned to you in a convenient place and a convenient time.
  2. You on your own choose the object for protection! It is possible to put a security sticker on the following documents:
    • passport;
    • residence permit;
    • driver’s license;
    • automobile documents (together or separately);
    • passport of a transport vehicle/registration certificate of a transport vehicle;
    • military card and/or passport of a sailor;
    • purse for banking payment cards.

    One can also put a security sticker on a digital device:

    • mobile phone/smartphone;
    • tablet;
    • laptop;
    • walkman/CD-player/mp3-player;
    • PDA — games console;
    • camera;
    • portable video-camera;
    • e-book reader.
  3. BPS-Sberbank offers you to choose the design for your security ring — universal or for kids.
  • Attach your special security ring to the car keys or the house keys;
  • Put the square security sticker on the chosen object — document or digital device, and the round (information) sticker should be placed in such a manner that the number of the support services could always be at hand;
  • The person who has found the lost keys, documents or mobile phone will inform us about the discovery by calling the hotline;
  • The courier service will deliver the lost belongings to their owner for free;
  • The person who has found the lost things will be given remuneration for return from mySafety company.

You feel calm and comfortable. Even in a stressful situation of having lost their personal belongings, our customers stay calm, since the possibility of remuneration for the return of things makes it possible for such things to be quickly returned to the owner, which is especially important when you are on a foreign trip or on a trip around Belarus! The service is easy and convenient to use. You will be informed by the operator from the twenty-four hour customer support service about the changing location of your things, and the courier will deliver your keys, documents or digital gadgets in a convenient place and at a convenient time, even if the things have been lost far from home, including — outside Belarus.

You are safe. Thanks to the protection of the information about the owner — sticker and security ring contain only information about the remuneration for the person who finds the lost property, phone number of the 24-hour customer support service and the unique ID numbers, thanks to which the company can easily identify the owner of the lost objects. Protection of customer information is of utmost importance for mySafety company, that is why under no circumstances will the one who finds the lost things get access to the customer information and, respectively, the owner will not communicate nor meet with the person who has found the lost property!

You save your time and money. There are no extra financial and temporal losses for our customers, since the talks with the person who has found and returned the lost object, as well as payment of remuneration to such person, and payment for courier services will be carried out by mySafety company. Your personal belongings will be delivered to you in a convenient place and at a convenient time, even if you are in the opposite part of the world!

You can go to any offices of BPS-Sberbank locsted in 40 cities and towns of Belarus. The service will be activated within 3 working days from the moment of purchase of the service set. The «Guardian» service can also be extended for another term (12 months).

The «Guardian» service set does not only mean security for your personal belongings, but can also make a useful present for your beloved ones! If you want to present the «Guardian» as a gift, the documents will be prepared in your name at one of our Bank’s offices, and the new owner of the service set will only have to call the toll-free number of the customer support team and give us his/her passport details. After that the new owner’s belongings will be under the protection of the «Guardian»!

More than 60% of lost things are found within 48 hours.

Over 90% of keys and documents are returned to their owners.

More than 80% of people always carry their keys, wallets and mobile phones with them.

At the same time, 80% of people don’t know where to report theft or unexpected loss of personal property

Over 44% of people at some point have lost something from their personal belongings:

  • 24% of all lost things are keys
  • 10% — documents
  • 10% — mobile phones
  • 6% — payment cards
We care about the comfort and security of each customer and offer an effective solution for protection of personal belongings!