Bank’s bonds

In the process of carrying our business, most companies have available funds they would like to save and increase. To do this, it is necessary to have an instrument which will earn stable income on investment without participation in its everyday operation.

Today, BPS-Sberbank is ready to offer such an instrument.

This instrument is own bonds in Belarusian roubles, Russian roubles, US Dollars and Euros. Such investments are the most profitable and flexible for contemporary business.

In accordance with Article 138 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus dated December 29, 2009 No. 71-Z, beneficial tax rate is applied to income gained from operations with bonds, i.e. income from such operations is deductible from gross income.

By placing available funds into bonds of BPS-Sberbank, the company has the following advantages:

Maximum income from operations with bonds.

Due to beneficial taxation regime, investments into bonds have higher yield than deposits;

Reliability and stability of income.

Throughout the period of holding the bonds, the interest rate declared in the prospectus cannot be changed by the issuer independently. It is known exactly how much income the corporate holder will gain in a certain period of time;

Regular payout of income.

Bonds with interest income have income payout dates, which allows the investor to gain additional cash regularly;

Flexible management.

Possibility to manage term of funds placement by buying and selling bonds in the secondary market.

The acquired bonds may be credited to a stock deposit account at any depositary of the Republic of Belarus. If necessary, a stock deposit account may be opened with the Bank’s depositary as well.

Hundreds of investors earned their income by investing into bonds issued by BPS-Sberbank. Today you get this option as well!