Arrangement of bonds issue

Arrangement of bonds issue and their public offering (IPO, SPO, public IPO)

Being a professional participant of the securities market, BPS-Sberbank provides services of arrangement of bonds issue and their public placement in the local stock market of the Republic of Belarus, to Belarusian residents.

The range of services provided by the Bank includes:
  • Determination of main parameters and terms of bonds issue;
  • Drawing of the investment memorandum;
  • Drawing of the issue documentation package;
  • Submission of the issue documentation package and support of the issue in the process of registration;
  • Communication with Belarusian Foreign and Stock Exchange;
  • Promotion of the issue in mass media and among prospective investors;
  • Public offering of the bonds issue at the stock exchange (as the issuer’s broker);
  • Advising on other matters related to bonds issue and registration.
Get more detailed information at:
  • Call Centre: by calling 148 (in the stationary and mobile networks);
  • Securities and Investments Division, Financial Markets, by sending an e-mail to: