Licenses of BPS-Sberbank:

  • License № 4 for execution of banking operations, issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on November 28, 2014;
  • Special Permit № 02200/5200-1246-1086 to perform professional and stock-exchange activities with securities, issued by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, registered in the Register of Licenses of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, № 5200-1246-1086 , valid till January 30, 2022.

Membership in interbank unions, stock-exchanges, clearing centers and associations:

  • Association of Belarusian Banks;
  • Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange — section of foreign exchange market;
  • Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange: sections of foreign exchange, stock and term markets;
  • National Payment System BelCard;
  • European Bank Association (EBA) Clearing System (inulect member);
  • European Clearing System RTGS plus (inulect member);
  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication S.W.I.F.T.(member);
  • American Clearing System CHIPS (Identification Number assigned);
  • Private Payment System MoneyGram;
  • Private Payment System MIGOM;
  • System for Electronic Circulation of documents in Belarusian Securities Market;
  • International Payment System MasterCard International;
  • International Payment System Visa International;
  • Automated System for Interbank Settlements in BISS System and Clearing System for Other Settlements in the Republic of Belarus.

The Bank is:

  • a bank authorised by the Government of the Republic of Belarus to serve state programs (Decree of the Cabinet and the National Banks of the Republic of Belarus No. 647/9 dated October 2, 1996);
  • a bank authorised by the State Customs Committee to guarantee customs fees payments (Permit No. 3 dated January 26, 2005);
  • a bank authorised by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus to open and maintain «C» type accounts (Permit No. 21-15/1034 dated December 10, 2004);
  • an authorised agent of MIGOM International Money Transfer System on the territory of the CIS, Baltic states and the Republic of Belarus;
  • an authorised agent for sales and refund of American Express (issued by American Express Travel Related Services) and Thomas Cook MasterCard (issued by Travelex Global and Financial Services) Travellers Cheques;
  • an authorised agent of Global Refund Deutschland GmbH and Global Refund Poland Sp.z.o.o. on VAT refund for Tax Free Cheques;
  • an authorised agent of MoneyGram Worldwide International Money Transfer System for Individuals;
  • an insurance agent;
  • an authorized depository to perform functions of rights registration for Government securities and securities of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus;
  • a depository performing functions of corporate securities rights registration;
  • original investor in the market of Government Bonds and the Bonds of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.