History of the Bank

BPS-Sberbank founded in 1923 is one of the oldest and the largest banks in the Republic of Belarus.

In 1928, the bank was reorganized into Bank for long-term lending of industry and energy.

In 1932, after reformation of the lending system, there was created Bank for financing of capital construction of industry, transport and communication of the USSR. The Belarusian office of the bank in the 1930s expanded the scale of its activity, opened Gomel and Mogilyov offices, and financed more than 700 construction sites in 73 regions of the Republic.

In 1941, due to temporary occupation of the territory of the Republic, the bank’s activity was suspended. In difficult after-war time, the bank shortly resumed its activity and performed the tasks for efficient use of funds allocated for restoration of economy.

In 1959, the all-USSR bank for financing of capital investments was established which was named Stroibank of the USSR. The Belarusian office of Stroibank comprised financing of construction and reconstruction of industrial enterprises, construction sites, transport, communication, communal, social and cultural objects (90% of capital investments carried out in the Republic), and short-term lending of contractual construction organizations.

In the process of reformation of the banking system in 1987, Industrial and Construction Bank of the USSR was formed. The structural division of Promstroibank in Belarus started to provide the full range of banking operations and services related not only to investment but also production and procurement activity of companies and enterprises.

In September 1991, the joint-stock commercial bank Belpromstroibank was created, and in March 1992, the meeting of founders adopted the decision on public offering of the bank’s shares, after which the bank became an open joint-stock company. Following the Articles of Association and the strategy adopted by the shareholders, in the 1990s Belpromstroibank made a great contribution into solution of the tasks of reformation of the national economy and financial stabilization of companies.

In October 1999, the bank was renamed into Open Joint-Stock Company «Belpromstroibank».

In December 2009, the Government of the Republic of Belarus and Sberbank of Russia announced signing of the agreement on acquisition of 93.27% of shares of JSC «BPS-Bank» by Sberbank of Russia and conclusion of the investment agreement on long-term development of BPS-Bank.

In October 2011, the bank was renamed into BPS-Sberbank.