BPS-Sberbank’s Call Centre is declared the best call centre in the country!

In 2014, BPS-Sberbank’s Call Centre was declared the unrivalled winner of ‘Polite Banks’ competition held by Belarusian Banking Association among 18 banks in the Republic of Belarus.

Commemorative coin ‘BPS-Sberbank. 90 th Anniversary’ wins ‘Coin of the Year’ international contest

Copper-and-nickel coin ‘BPS-Sberbank. 90th Anniversary’ was awarded the first prize in the nomination ‘Best modern coin’ of the prestigious international contest ‘Coin of the Year’ held by Krause Publication, a famous USA publishing house. Coins issued into circulation in 2013 participated in the contest.

BPS-Sberbank receives STP Award from Commerzbank AG (Germany) for excellent quality of international settlements

On November 19, 2014 one of the largest German banks, Commerzbank AG, awarded BPS0-Sberbank with STP Award 2013 Excellent Quality* for high quality performance in the area of international settlements.

The award was given to BPS-Sberbank for high quality of payment orders in 2013 which were sent through the correspondent account of BPS-Sberbank with Commerzbank AG.

BPS-Sberbank is the runner-up in ‘Consumer Experience’ project

On February 5, 2015 the financial Internet portal summarized the results of ‘Consumer Experience’ project. The purpose of research started in 2013 was determination of the quality of services provided by banks in the Republic of Belarus.

Visa International presents BPS-Sberbank with an honorable award

On May 19, 2015 Visa International payment system delivered an honorable award to BPS-Sberbank: the diploma for leadership in the issue of Visa PayWave contactless cards in the Republic of Belarus.

BPS-Sberbank receives two international awards from Commerzbank AG (Germany)

Commerzbank AG, one of the leading German banks, presented BPS-Sberbank with two international awards at once: Trade Award 2014 as to one of the best partner banks in trade finance, and STP Award