Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Petr P. Prokopovich
Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Development Council of the Republic of Belarus

Deputies Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Svetlana A. Sagaidak
Deputy Chairman of the Board, Sberbank of Russia

Vasili S. Matyushevski
First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus (representative of the Government)

Members of the Supervisory Board

Grigori M. Anashkin
Senior Managing Director for Foreign Banks, Finances, Sberbank of Russia

Aleksey V. Afanasyev
Head of Principal Financial Division, Minsk City Executive Committee (representative of the Government)

Pavel S. Barchugov
Senior Managing Director, Director of International Financial Planning and Control Division, Sberbank of Russia

Victor V.Vasiliuk
Independent Director, Chair of Risk Committee of BPS-Sberbank

Aleksandr A. Vedyakhin
Senior Vice-President of Sberbank of Russia

Natalia N. Lazareva
Senior Managing Director, Sberbank International, Sberbank of Russia

Mikhail G. Papaskiri
Managing Director – Deputy Director of International Business Coordination Division, Sberbank of Russia

Liudmila P. Popova
Independent Director, Chair of Audit Committee of BPS-Sberbank